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Most Frequently Asked Questions about the IAFF-MG

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can we start a state or local chapter? Yes and No. In an attempt to further the goal of promoting fraternalism among IAFF-MG members in states and provinces within each district and to further support benevolent activities both internal and external, the IAFF-MG working with our District/State Coordinators is now offering IAFF-MG State Chapters to established IAFF State/Provincial Associations.  Contact the IAFF-MG National Coordinator for details and how to go about requesting State Chapter. The IAFF-MG is not currently establishing local chapters.

2. What do my dues include? First and foremost, the IAFF-MG must be self-sustaining; as the resolution passed at the IAFF 2004 Convention was without per capita support. Your dues are used to support IAFF-MG events annually throughout the United States and Canada.

3. Can I join the IAFF-MG if I do not own a motorcycle? Yes you can join the IAFFMG. You do not have to own a motorcycle to join the IAFFMG.

4. Do I have to own a Harley Davidson to join the IAFF-MG? No. While the IAFF-MG Constitution and By-laws encourages members to buy and ride “union made” motorcycles manufactured in the United States or Canada, it is not a requirement. You may join if you own and ride a motorcycle and wish to share and promote the IAFF and the IAFF-MG to others.

5. Does the IAFF-MG have associate membership? Yes, the IAFFMG now offers associate membership to the immediate family members and the significant others of IAFFMG Members. Those seeking associate membership in the IAFFMG must be sponsored by an IAFFMG member. The dues for associate membership are $25.00 annually. IAFFMG Associate Members are only authorized to wear the "center" portion of the IAFFMG Colors.

6. Do I have to be an IAFFMG Member to buy the Colors or merchandise? Yes and No... It is a requirement to be an IAFFMG Member to purchase and wear the IAFFMG Colors, but you do not have to be an IAFFMG member to purchase IAFFMG merchandise.

7. How do I order IAFF-MG colors and custom merchandise? You must order your IAFF-MG Colors through the IAFF’s On-Line Store at To order online, visit the IAFFMG’s On-Line Store.

8.What should my IAFF-MG vest look like? Visit The IAFFMG Color Tab located in the left side navigational bar or contact the IAFFMG's National Coordinator, Michael Crouse at

9. What does “Charter Member” mean? This designation is for members who joined the IAFF-MG before December 31st, 20006. These members can purchase and wear merchandise bearing this designation. It also appears on their IAFF-MG membership card. No additional Charter Members are being accepted.

10. How often must I pay dues? Dues are paid annually and are due by January 1 of each year. You can pay your dues on-line or send in a check with your dues application form. The IAFFMG sends out the renewal notices electronically to all IAFFMG members every November and will post an article on the IAFFMG website.

11. How will IAFF-MG events be coordinated? According to the IAFF-MG Constitution and By-laws, the IAFF General President (also the President of the Motorcycle Group), with consult and advice of the IAFF District Vice President will appoint a “District Event Coordinator” for each of the 16 IAFF Districts and one [1] State Coordinator from each state/province. It is also mandated by the Constitution and By-laws that each district will hold a minimum of two events annually within their respective district.

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Upcoming Events
Magnificent 7th 2024 Spring Opener
Jun 14, 2024
Hello Brothers and sisters, it's time once again to plan for the 7th District ride June 14th through 16th. We're trying to recreate the ride a few years ago from Lewiston to Joseph, Oregon. Due to hotel circumstances in Lewiston we are not able to stay there, so we're going to start in Oregon and ride north over the rattlesnake highway. Wilderness Inn Enterprise, Oregon 301 West North Street 1541-426-4535 The block rooms are under "IAFF 7th District"
Combined 6th and 7th District Ride
Jul 15, 2024
Combined 6th and 7th District Event
2024 IAFFMG International Rally
Sep 13, 2024
Kingsport Tennessee Hotel: Meadowview Resort Hotel

Michael J. Crouse, National Coordinator
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