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IAFF-MG State Chapters
Updated On: Apr 97, 2011


IAFF-MG State Chapters

The IAFF-MG Committee has approved a change to its constitution and by-laws that will now permit IAFF-MG members to establish and join IAFF-MG State Chapters. The IAFF-MG Committee believes that by forming state chapters, the IAFF-MG will continue to grow in spirit and numbers, and provide more opportunities for increased camaraderie and benevolence between active and retired professional Fire Fighters, EMS or rescue squad personnel who enjoy riding motorcycles. 

IAFF-MG State Coordinators, with the approval of the IAFF-MG Committee are authorized to establish IAFF-MG State Chapters within their respective districts with the written concurrence of the established IAFF State Association President.

In order to establish a State Chapter, the IAFF-MG State Coordinator and at least five [5] IAFF-MG members may petition the IAFF-MG Committee for approval to establish a state chapter.

The organizational structure of a state chapter will consist of Chairmen, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, Road Captain and Sgt-At-Arms. The IAFF-MG State Coordinator, by virtue of his/her appointment by the IAFF-MG President shall serve as Chairman of the state chapter. The members of the State Chapter shall elect the Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, Road Captain and Sgt-At-Arms positions.

The IAFF-MG State Coordinator and the members of the State Chapter will draft their IAFFMG State Chapter constitution and by-laws for review and approval of the IAFF-MG Chairman. A copy of their proposed constitution and by-laws will be submitted to the IAFF-MG with their written request to form a state chapter.

The Dues Structure for a State Chapter shall be no less than $50.00 annually per member. State Chapter’s will be required to collect the dues annually and submit $25.00 annually per member to the IAFF-MG National. The remaining $25.00 will be retained by the IAFF-MG State Chapter to help defray the cost of maintaining their chapter.

Once established, State Chapters will be required to open and maintain a checking account and the IAFF-MG State Chapter Treasurer will be required to collect dues, pay the IAFF-MG annual dues and other chapter related expenses.  

State Chapters will be required to submit periodic articles/photos of IAFF-MG State Chapter events and rides to the IAFF-MG for posting on the IAFF-MG Website. At a minimum, two [2] activity reports will be submitted annually. These submissions are normally due on January 10thand June 10thof each year.

State Chapters will also be required to submit annual financial reports [revenue/expenses] and audit to the IAFF-MG Vice-Chairman no later than January 31stof each year for the previous year [January 1 – December 31st] for submission to the IAFF-MG. 

IAFF-MG State Chapter members will use the IAFF-MG Colors. The State Chapter will be authorized to create an IAFF-MG State Patch that will be worn on the “front” of the vest pursuant to the IAFF-MG constitution and by-laws.

Process to obtain IAFF-MG State Chapter

IAFF-MG State Coordinator[s] must submit a written request to establish an IAFF-MG State Chapter to the IAFF-MG Committee, via the IAFF-MG’s National Coordinator.

The following information must also be submitted with the request to establish an IAFF-MG State Chapter: 

  • A Letter from the President of the IAFF State/Provincial  Association concurring with the request to establish the IAFF-MG State Chapter.
  • A List of IAFF-MG/IAFF Members interested in joining the State Chapter [Include Name, Local Number and IAFF-MG and/or IAFF Membership Number].


  • A List of the interim officers for the State Chapter consisting of a Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, Road Captain and Sgt-At-Arms.


  • A proposed copy of the State Chapter’s Constitution and By-Laws. [See Attached Sample By-Laws]
  • Payment of IAFF-MG Dues [$25.00 per person annually] for the original [new] members of the State Chapter. 

Upon receipt of the State Coordinator’s properly submitted request to establish an IAFF-MG State Chapter, the IAFF-MG Committee will review and once approved, will forward the IAFF-MG State Chapter Charter to the State Coordinator.

The IAFF-MG will continue to send IAFF-MG Membership Cards, Renewal Patches and New/Associate Membership Packages directly to the IAFF-MG Member as new members, associate members and/or renewal memberships are paid for and processed. 

Once chartered, IAFF-MG State Chapters will be authorized to sponsor and/or support state-wide events/rides, raise funds to support their state-wide events/initiatives and to assist and support their IAFF State Association and the IAFF-MG. 


More Information:
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