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Motorcycle Helmet Laws
Updated On: Nov 22, 2007

Safety is the primary concern of the IAFF Motorcycle Group [IAFFMG]. Regardless of the various U.S. and Canadian Motorcycle Helmet Laws, the IAFFMG recognizes that wearing a helmet is a personal choice. However, the IAFFMG encourges all IAFFMG Members and Riders to please observe all federal, state, and local laws and ride safely and defensively. The IAFFMG requests that you and your passenger wear a helmet, appropriate clothing and eyewear. As outlined in  the IAFFMG Waiver that you signed in order to obtain your IAFFMG Membership and your participation in any IAFF/IAFFMG sponsored and/or supported rally/ride, if you and/or your passenger choose to ride without a helmet, you do so at your own risk.

While planning and/or preparing for your next Motorcycle Ride and/or Rally, please make sure you are aware of the various Helmet Laws within your riding area[a]. Below are links to the various U.S. [State] Motorcycle Heltmet Laws for your review and information.This information provided by Iron Horse Helmets.

All Canadian provinces have universal motorcycle helmet laws. Canada is considered to be a world leader in motorcycle safety, thanks in part to its longstanding helmet laws and its strong national training program. In 2003 alone over 23,000 riders across Canada completed the Canada Safety Council's Motorcycle Training Program.

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StateMotorcycle Riders Covered by Helmet Law
AlabamaAll Riders
Alaska17 yrs. and younger
Arizona17 yrs. and younger
Arkansas17 yrs. and younger
CaliforniaAll Riders
Coloradono helmet use laws
Connecticut17 yrs. and younge
Delaware18 yrs. and younge
D.C.All Riders
Florida20 yrs. and younger
Georgiaall riders
Hawaii17 yrs. and younger
Idaho17 yrs. and younger
Illinois17 yrs. and younger
Indiana17 yrs. and younger2
Iowano helmet use laws
Kansas17 yrs. and younger
Kentucky20 yrs. and younger
Lousianaall riders
Maineall riders
Marylandall riders
Massachusettsall riders
Michiganall riders
Minnesota17 yrs. and younger
Mississippiall riders
Missouriall riders
Montana18 yrs. and younger
Nebraskaall riders
Nevadaall riders
New Hampshire17 yrs. and younger
New Jerseyall riders
New Mexico17 yrs. and younger
New Yorkall riders
North Carolinaall riders
North Dakota17 yrs. and younger
Ohio17 yrs. and younger
Oklahoma17 yrs. and younger
Oregonall riders
Pennsylvania21 yrs. and younger
Rhode Island20 yrs. and younger
South Carolina20 yrs. and younger
South Dakota17 yrs. and younger
Tennesseeall riders
Texas20 yrs. and younger
Utah17 yrs. and younger
Vermontall riders
Virginiaall riders
Washingtonall riders
West Virginiaall riders
Wisconsin17 yrs. and younger
Wyoming18 yrs. and younger

*Alaska's motorcycle helmet use law covers passengers of all ages, drivers younger than 18, and drivers with instructional permits.

*Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Texas provide exceptions for riders over a certain age. In Florida and Kentucky, the law requires that all riders younger than 21 yrs. wear helmets, without exception. Those 21 yrs. and older may ride without helmets only if they can show proof that they are covered by a medical insurance policy. Louisiana's law allows riders 18 yrs. and older to ride without helmets if they can show proof that they are covered by a medical insurance policy. Texas exempts riders 21 yrs. or older if they either 1) can show proof of successfully completing a motorcycle operator training and safety course or 2) can show proof of having a medical insurance policy.

*Motorcycle helmet laws in Kentucky, Minnesota, and Wisconsin also cover drivers with instructional/learner's permits.

*Maine's motorcycle helmet use law covers passengers 14 years and younger, drivers with learner's permits, and passengers if their drivers are required to wear a helmet.

*Bicycle helmet use laws in Massachusetts and New York prohibit people from transporting passengers younger than age 1.

*North Dakota's motorcycle helmet use law covers all passengers traveling with drivers who are covered by the law.

*Ohio's motorcycle helmet use law covers all drivers during the first year of licensure and all passengers of drivers who are covered by the law

*Rhode Island's motorcycle helmet use law covers all drivers during the first year of licensure and all passengers.

***International -England / UK, New Zealand has a Full Helmet law

* Laws requiring all motorcyclists to wear a helmet are in place in 20 states and the District of Columbia
* Laws requiring only some motorcyclists to wear a helmet are in place in 27 states
* There is no motorcycle helmet use law in 3 states (Illinois, Iowa, and New Hampshire)
* Some bicyclists are required by law to wear a helmet in 21 states and the District of Columbia
* There is no bicycle helmet use law in 29 states

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Michael J. Crouse, National Coordinator
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